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Lauren Boebert

Boebert Hit With 'Beetlejuice' Chants By Protesters While Touring University Encampment

The MAGA Rep. was given a blunt reminder of her lewd behavior at a production of the musical 'Beetlejuice' in Denver while touring a protest encampment at George Washington University.

Boebert Hit With 'Beetlejuice' Chants By Protesters While Touring University Encampment
Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Far-right Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert is definitely never getting out from under that Beetlejuice scandal.

And students at George Washington University made sure she knew it during her recent visit to the campus encampment of students protesting the ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces.

As the Congresswoman surveyed the grounds, she was greeted with chants of "Beetlejuice!" over and over and over again.

The chants were of course a reference to the scandal that erupted last fall when Boebert and her date Quinn Gallagher were captured on security cameras groping each other's genitals during a Denver performance of the Beetlejuice musical.

GW students also underlined her sordid history by holding up signs behind her bearing the musical's title as she addressed protesters through a bullhorn during a press conference.

The chilly reception was well deserved—Boebert toured the area with other Republican politicians and ripped down a Palestinian flag while being caught on camera saying:

"This is America, and that sh*t needs to come down."

She also told the protesters they were "very disrespectful" and threatened to cut off the school's Congressional funding because of it.

Boebert doesn't even have the power to do that in the first place, but even if she did it's a pretty audacious disrespect of the rights to free speech and assembly enshrined in the Constitution that she and other GOP lawmakers are constantly bloviating about.

On social media, people definitely had lots to say about Boebert's appearance at George Washington.

Anyway, no word on how Boebert feels about Trump flags or violent stormings of the Capitol, since flying flags other than the American one and peaceful protests apparently offend her.

Boebert is polling 7 points behind her Democratic challenger in the new Colorado district she moved to since she had little chance of winning in her original one.