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Blockbuster Epically Trolled Netflix After Its 'Love Is Blind' Livestream Was Delayed–And Other Brands Jumped In

The streaming giant Netflix fumbled a livestream reunion for their series 'Love Is Blind' after weeks of promoting it, inviting criticism from fans and brands alike, most notably from Blockbuster and Red Box.

Screenshot of Netflix Twitter post; Love Is Blind cast photo
@netflix/Twitter; @netflix/Twitter

You may have noticed on Sunday—either on your own screen or from roughly half of the Instagram stories above your feed—that Netflix was experiencing some technical difficulties during what should have been the launch of the streaming service's second high-profile live event ever, after Chris Rock's Selective Outrage special.

The highly anticipated Love is Blind reunion was set to begin at 5 pm PT.

But the show's fans were met with an "almost time" screen from Netflix that lasted a bit too long.

Eventually, the screen changed, but to the dismay of fans it wasn't to the livestream.

Screens across the globe read:

"There's an issue with the livestream."
"Hang tight! We're trying to fix it as soon as possible."

While anticipating fans were rightfully irritated at the delay, many got their jollies from Netflix's fumble and used the hour-plus dead time as an opportunity to share to social media.

Even LIB's co-host Vanessa Lachey got in on the fun.

Others followed suit, teasing the streaming service for their massive fail.

It didn't take long before some higher profile accounts got in on the action.

But one reply by the original "and chill" counterpart had an epic response for its entertainment provider protégé.

Replying to Netflix's update that LIB would be airing shortly, Blockbuster trolled:

"Remember renting vhs' from us."
"You could start it on time no problem..."
"This is what we get."

As if that wasn't enough of a burn, Redbox added:

"solidarity, bro."

And the internet collectively lost it.

Roughly an hour and a half later, Netflix did tweet an apology and promised to get the reunion on Netflix "as soon as humanly possible."

If you weren't able to watch the livestream when it did eventually air, Netflix promised you will have access soon.

Hang in there.