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Blind Woman Overcome With Emotion After Restaurant Surprises Her With Braille Birthday Message

Blind Woman Overcome With Emotion After Restaurant Surprises Her With Braille Birthday Message

A video capturing a restaurant staff's inclusive surprise for a blind patron on her birthday went viral.

TikTok user Natalie Te Paa was celebrating her special day at Gino D'Acampo's Luciano restaurant in London when she was presented with something not on the regular dessert menu.

Placed in front of Te Paa was a plate of melted pieces of chocolate spelling out, "Happy birthday," in Braille—the tactile writing system designed for the visually impaired.

A video of Te Paa's joyful response was posted on her TikTok page, where it racked up 8.7 million views in 24 hours, according to Indy 100.


I’ll never forget this moment. #braille #blind #blindtiktok #viralvideo

Te Paa wrote in text on the video:

"So I'm totally blind and this is the moment I realized the lengths the restaurant staff went to in order to wish me Happy Birthday."

When she was given the chocolate surprise, a waiter told her:

"We want to wish you a happy birthday."

Te Paa's friend, who was sitting across from her, asked for the birthday girl's hand so she could place it on the raised chocolate dots.

The moment she realized what the establishment did for her, she exclaimed:

"No freaking way."
"They did not!"

Te Paa continued with effusive glee:

"You guys are amazing."

Another text in the video read:

"They had the chef write Happy Birthday in BRAILLE!!!... using melted chocolate."

TikTokers were moved by the inclusive gesture and felt all the feels sorely lacking in our current climate.







The viral clip was also shared on Twitter, where users got out their Kleenex.

D'Acampo, the Italian-British celebrity chef and media personality who owns Luciano, also acknowledged Te Paa's birthday on the TikTok post.

Te Paa thanked him and wrote:

"Between the filming of this night, I was in floods of tears! So blown away by this team."


Happy birthday, Natalie.

We hope it was the best birthday yet!