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The CIA Polling Twitter About Which Fictional Technology From 'Black Panther' They Would Like To Be Real Is Kinda Weirding People Out

The CIA Polling Twitter About Which Fictional Technology From 'Black Panther' They Would Like To Be Real Is Kinda Weirding People Out
Photo by Black Panther/Marvel StudiosTweet by @LipstikActivist/Twitter

The CIA is trying to be cool and hip these days, which is weird.

We already know the CIA are literally spies for the government. There are jokes upon jokes about agents from both the FBI and CIA monitoring people's private computer use:

And now the CIA is getting down with the youths of today, making us all feel a little like we're watching this:

The agency posted a Twitter poll asking which of Wakanda (from Marvel's Black Panther) technologies US citizens would like to see happen in the future.

The choices were virtual cars, the communicative vibranium wristlets known as kimoyo beads, the Panther habit (aka the Black Panther's vibranium-woven suit), and "lesotho blankets" which we're pretty sure means "basotho blankets," which already exist. Lesotho is a micronation within South Africa....not a blanket. Nice work, CIA.

People are pretty freaked out about this whole thing.

Why are the CIA asking? Just for funsies, or are we going to start seeing vibranium make a market appearance in the USA?

The CIA also recently tweeted a poll asking netizens if they thought vibranium was real.

Um, no? It's been fictional since it first appeared in Daredevil in 1966????

People were absolutely vicious in their comebacks to the agency.

What exactly is the CIA up to?

It almost seems like, with the amount of political turmoil, this really isn't the kind of thing that the CIA needs to spend energy on.

It makes us feel like they're actively working on making vibranium and also virtual cars.

In case you're curious, "Virtual Cars" was the clear winner of the Twitter poll:

Now, what exactly is the CIA going to do with that information???

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