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Black Friday 2017: Best Funny Memes

Black Friday 2017: Best Funny Memes

Black Friday goes one of two ways for you. If you're an avid consumer, Black Friday is like a dream come true; but if you've ever worked retail, Black Friday is quite literally your worst nightmare.

Black Friday has been considered the start of the Christmas shopping season since 1952. Most major retailers open their doors at midnight (or very early the next morning, like 6 am) and offer insane promotional sales. Over $50 billion is spent on retail goods each Black Friday.

Black Friday also holds the distinction of being one of the most violent and chaotic days in retail. As retail is not usually a contact sport, employees are often not adequately prepared to deal with large, competitive, and rowdy crowds, and small injuries are common; however, in extreme cases, people have died during Black Friday. A website called Black Friday Death Count has been set up to detail major injuries and deaths that occur as a result of the wild deal-hunting.

Due to the unusual nature of the day, Black Friday has become a popular target for internet memes. We've gathered a few here for your enjoyment that we hope will start off your Black Friday 2017 with a bang.

Yeah, you've got even less time than Jack Sparrow does.

Yeah this whole camping out in front of stores thing is really stressful to even watch.

-'Eye Of The Tiger' plays in the distance-

For those of you who actually like this crazy day.

That's the face I make when Black Friday is over.

Well, it basically already is The Hunger Games, right?

This might be a fun one to make a drinking game out of.

Black Friday has even less rules than Fight Club.

Ah, friendship.

Er, frenemyship.

WWF might actually be less exciting to watch than an actual Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

Welcome to a real life horror movie.


Whoah. That's really upsettingly too real.


And with that we bid you happy shopping. Go forth and Black Friday your hearts out!

...but don't die. No, seriously. Don't die.


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