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This Bizarre Decal Of A Wolf Playing A Guitar Gets Even Better Upon Closer Inspection πŸ˜‚

@mikehuguenor (Twitter)

This guy stumbled across an amazing decal of a wolf. If you look closely, you'll see there's more to this creature than initially meets the eye.

"Sorry, ladies. This shredding undead wolf decal is *taken*"

The original wolf-spotter observed the image's resemblance to the Red Dead video game series' undead animal as well as its apparently advanced guitar skills. But the most peculiar detail of all is what is on its finger.

Yes, as you can see this wolf is wearing what appears to be... a wedding ring.

This beast's ostensible relationship status has shattered some hearts.

Viewers were quick to point out which hand it appears to be on.

But others had reasonable explanations for his choice of hand.

With the Trump-Putin relationship, I wouldn't be surprised if the last observation is true.

But mostly, people are just enjoying this bizarre tire cover decal.

Canis lupus = gray wolf

plectrum = a guitar pick

Because what could be more enjoyable?

H/T: Twitter, HuffPost