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Big Bird Just Introduced Twitter To His 'Scary' Brazilian Cousin Garibaldo—And We're Not OK

Noam Galai/FilmMagic via Getty Images; @funkpwer/Twitter

Sesame Street is the kind of experience that all kids share. And honestly, that's not an understatement: the show has a worldwide reach, and several different iterations of it exist depending on which countries are airing the show.

As such, the different iterations have different versions of the characters. Big Bird recently started a Twitter thread introducing us all to them.

And then we met Garibaldo.

Garibaldo has been a sporadic cast member of this family of clucking cousins, as Vila Sésamo , Brazil's counterpart of Sesame Street was only on for five years in the mid-'70s. He made a comeback in 2007 when the show did.

The picture we got of him was....unflattering at best.

Even Big Bird acknowledged that Garibaldo looked a little scary in this photo.

Big Bird isn't the only muppet who has international cousins. Elmo has a Mexican cousin named Cousin Pepe and a Japanese cousin named Elmonosuke.

International Sesame Street characters are all very interesting, though none are quite as visually unsettling as Garibaldo.

Have fun trying to sleep tonight with that face in your head...