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Best Man's Inappropriate Comments About Bridesmaid Caught On Groom's Mic In Cringey Video

Wedding videographer Rob Chiola captured the awkward moment in a TikTok for the ages.

Screenshots of the groom and best man in the TikTok video by @chiolafilms

A guy serving as the groom's best man made the most inappropriate comment at the worst possible time and was audible enough to hear due to his hot mic.

The cringey moment was caught in a viral video captured by event videographer Rob Chiola–a.k.a. TikToker @chiolafilms.

The video exposing the man who definitely wasn't at his best at his bestie's nuptials was viewed over 11.8 million times and gained 1.2 million likes and more than 8,000 comments.

The matrimonial miss is now preserved forever in time on TikTok, which you can see here.


Best Man gets caught on a Hot Mic! 😬🫠 #weddingtiktok #hotmic #funny #cringe #bestman

The clip began with a woman who was presumably a bridesmaid walking down the aisle in the outdoor ceremony with a live piano playing in the background.

It cut to the groomsmen standing at the alter and focused on the best man, who with frosted tips glistening in the sun made a comment expressing his approval of the bridesmaid's physical features.

He was heard telling the groom:

"Zoom in on those."

The groom initially chuckled but immediately checked himself and shushed his best man.

In response, the best man asked:

"Am I loud?"

To which the groom–who was also wired for sound—scolded him and replied:

"Yeah, you f*kn' dumb, dude?"

The best man then gesticulated toward the source of the music and blamed the piano for being too loud.

The annoyed groom, who was previously seen laughing at the best man's earlier comment, continued to berate his friend in a normal-speaking voice to maintain decorum as his teeth literally sparkled in the sun.

Yet in the process of reprimanding him, the groom continued dropping the f-bomb while acknowledging the fact his voice was also being amplified for the video.

Indicating to the microphone on his lapel, the groom informed his clueless companion:

"I'm f'kn' miked up also. You're an idiot."

The moment was made additionally awkward with the calm, pretty music continuously playing in the background.

The videographer then zoomed in on the best man, who gave an awkwardly mischievous grin after being called out.


TikTokers were amused by the embarrassing exchange.










It's safe to assume that part of the wedding ceremony didn't make it into the final video edit to preserve the special day.

But we're grateful for this deleted scene that served as a reminder to check yourself before you wreck yourself.