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Bernice King Schools Conservative Politician Who Misinterpreted Her Dad's 'I Have A Dream' Speech

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

On Monday, November 23, Ben Bradley, a conservative member of British Parliament, tweeted out his spin on Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

According to Tory MP Bradley, the point of King's words was that minorities and women don't deserve any additional protections under the law.


Bradley's analysis was so off base that it even attracted a reply from Bernice King, MLK Jr.'s daughter.

In her response, King wrote:

"My father's point and central to his beliefs, teachings, and activism (per her speeches/books) was this: We cannot condone racism, but must eradicate it as one of the pervasive, systemic, overt and destructive Triple Evils, with militarism and poverty being the other two."

Twitter loved Bernice King appearing to put Bradley in his place.

This is just the latest thing Bradley has done that has been widely lampooned online.

Twitter does not seem to be Ben Bradley's greatest strength.

You know you've screwed up when Martin Luther King's family has to step in to issue corrections.

It seems every country has a fair share of ignorant people working in government.

It seems unlikely Bradley is going to admit his mistake even after King's response, but at least the truth of Martin Luther King Jr.'s message is being heard by people following the drama.