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McDonald's Just Weighed In On The Balenciaga Shoes That People Think Look Like Fry Boxes

The first thing most people think when they see a carton of McDonald's french fries is, without a doubt, "I want to put that on my feet!"

No? You don't agree with that assessment?

Well, it must be true, because this past summer, upscale fashion house Balenciaga debuted a new shoe that might have just be able to fulfill that wish!

Many people on social media compared the new shoes to McDonald's fry boxes. The two object's similarities were shockingly obvious:

In response to the widespread mockery of the new shoes, McDonald's Sweden released an Instagram post featuring two of its famous cartons worn on a man's feet with this joking promise:

"If we get 103042 likes we release these for real."

The post has garnered just over 17k likes as of right now, which means McDonald's customers will most likely have to look elsewhere for the fry-footwear they love so much.

The real Balenciaga shoes, which have been affectionately named "McBalenciagas" by fans, can still be found on sale at select shoe retailers for around $740.

Twitter thought that was just a bit expensive:

One Twitter user pointed out that the mockery surrounding the shoe may be a little off base—he recognized Moroccan fashion as the footwear's inspiration.

So what's in store for Balenciaga's future? After the success of their McDonald's loafer (which are sold out pretty much everywhere), it looks like their Summer 2019 follow-up will be a very trendy throw-back to 1999's The Matrix and the fan films which surround it.

Balenciaga Summer 19 Campaign

The only thing there is to say: count us in!