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Ariana Grande Is Recreating Scenes From 'The Waterboy' While In Self-Isolation, And Adam Sandler Just Gave His Stamp Of Approval

Ariana Grande Is Recreating Scenes From 'The Waterboy' While In Self-Isolation, And Adam Sandler Just Gave His Stamp Of Approval
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When Ariana Grande was a baby celeb on Victorious, her other castmates really thought of her as the "performer" of the group even though her character Kat was initially only a minor role.

The behind the scenes interviews show her castmates consistently pointing her out as the funniest, the one who is always singing and generally the one who is the most "on" of the bunch.

In short, (yup, total AG height pun) Ariana Grande is a consummate performer with nobody to perform for.

Thanks, pandemic.

Ten years after Victorious, Ariana has found herself in the midst of a pandemic, locked away with no audience, no visitors or friends allowed and honestly kind of bored. Celebrities are just normal people with weird jobs, they get bored too, we promise.

So what's a performer to do when you can't be with your audience?

Do a whole concert for your pets? Gather up your stuffed animals and/or potted plants so they can listen to you do a dramatic reading?

Order one of those spring-microphone toys from Amazon, get in your window and pretend to be a singer at a Parisian burlesque, the scent of wine and cigars heavy in the air as young lovers pull one another close for just one more dance.

The neighbors totally want to hear you try to do Christina Aguilera with a French Accent singing "At Last"... again.

Or maybe performers... just ... don't perform?

crazy behind the scenes GIF by Ariana GrandeGiphy

Any parent with a performer kid can tell you, audience or not, performers gon' perform.

So much performing. They can't help themselves, bless their lil' hearts.

So performer Ariana is stuck at home bored, like most of the rest of the world. Unlike most of the rest of the world, she's got technology, a massive wardrobe, famous friends and a line-by-line knowledge of the Adam Sandler film, Waterboy.

So Ariana, her mom Joan, and actor/singer/amazing-eyebrow-owner Elizabeth Gillies got together and gifted the world with this:

and this:

Like we said, performers gon' perform.

This is one of those perfectly surreal things that just scream 2020, ya know? Obviously that means Twitter loved it.

Including Adam Sandler!

So now we want to know, what scene from what movie would you love to recreate?

The Waterboy is available here.

Grande's thank u, next is available here.