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'An Appalling Human Being': Scotland National Newspaper Prints Scathing Takedown Of Trump

'An Appalling Human Being': Scotland National Newspaper Prints Scathing Takedown Of Trump
Screenshot of The Scotsman via @kylegriffin1/Twitter

Scotland's national newspaper, The Scotsman, denounced United States President Donald Trump, titling their editorial as "A denunciation of Donald Trump."

The piece was published on the day Trump arrived in the United Kingdom for his controversial visit.

The paper's editorial team called Trump "an appalling human being" and proceeded to list all of his missteps, including his obsession with lambasting the media as "fake news."

The Scots are not ones to mince words when it comes to expressing their disapproval and antipathy towards Trump, and the paper wasted no time with being candid as they set up their assessment:

"Trump, due to arrive in the UK later today, is a racist, a serial liar and either a sexual abuser or someone who falsely brags about being one in the apparent belief that this will impress other men."

The scathing editorial proceeded to cite Trump's handling of the NFL protests against police brutality when players take a respectful knee during the National Anthem. They also cited his response to the protester killed by a deliberate attack with a car at a neo-Nazis rally, saying there were "very fine people" on both sides.

The Scots also took issue with his immigration policies and referral to Mexicans as rapists. His ignorance for saying Nigerians would never return to "their huts" after setting foot on U.S. soil also ired them.

The Scotsman also brought up his incessant lying and notorious war with the media.

"One of Trump's favourite pastimes is decrying 'fake news'."

"But, according to one count by The Washington Post, the president lies an average of 6.5 times a day. The New York Times has also tried to make a definitive list of his numerous falsehoods."

The self-proclaimed "most popular" president in Republican history may have largely managed to avoid the estimated 250,000 Londoners protesting his visit. But Trump faced the police estimated 2,000 protesters gathered in Glasgow on Friday evening when he arrived for the weekend to visit his golf courses.

Anti-Trump protesters gathered in George Square and hoped to send a message loud and clear that Scotland is opposed to the U.S. president's "politics of division and hatred."

It's not surprising he's being met with so much resistance overseas. His words and actions are an affront to women and minorities, and for him, that's just par for the course.

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