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Former Staffers Spill The Tea About Anti-LGBTQ+ Lawmaker Named 'Worst Boss' In Congress

Former Staffers Spill The Tea About Anti-LGBTQ+ Lawmaker Named 'Worst Boss' In Congress
PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

An anti-LGBTQ+ Congresswoman—notorious on Capitol Hill as a nightmare to work with—was officially declared one of the "Worst Bosses in Congress" by the non-partisan group Legistorm.

The list is based on "congressional staff salary data combined with real-time tracking of staff." It captures who has the most staff turnover as an indication they might be one of Congress' worst bosses.

Low pay? Everyone keeps quitting?

Sounds like a bad boss.

Indiana Republican Representative Victoria Spartz–who according to Queerty earned a 100% approval rating from the anti-LGBTQ+ group Indiana Family Institute–topped Legistorm's list due to having the highest staff turnover in the House in 2021.

Politico reported four aides quit Spartz's office just in April citing a toxic work environment. Another departed just weeks before, leading to "a skeleton crew of staffers in the first-term lawmaker’s D.C. office."

An example of her bigotry can be seen in the clip below with her transphobic speech on the House floor last year in which she opposed the Equality Act.

She argued a bill to prohibit LGBTQ+ discrimination would be “a giant step back” and would force women to share “traditionally women-only spaces with biological men even if a biological male fraudulently gains access.”

Politico reported eight of Spartz's former staffers called her an "unpredictable boss whose temper can rocket from tepid to boiling."

The Congresswoman's reported behavior included yelling and cursing at aides and belittling their intelligence within close proximity of other members, constituents and even reporters.

Three of her former staffers said Spartz likened their writing abilities to that of grade-school students and proclaimed her children had better writing skills.

Said another former staffer:

“That’s the common theme: Staffers do their job, and then Victoria comes in saying that they have no idea what they’re doing, that they are morons, calling them ‘idiots.'"
“Senior staff was amazing. That staff was really trauma bonded … we’ve all been through some sh*t.”

Former staffers also said the Republican boss usually avoided firing them and resorted to bullying her aides to the point of them quitting on their own.

While some of the employees departed only after finding other job opportunities, others left citing an "untenable" work environment.

“Manic is a correct description,” said a former staffer of Spartz’s workplace conduct.

“The reason for [aides] departing after a short time was because of her.”

Renee Hudson, who was her chief of staff, was the most recent employee who had enough of Spartz's irascible temperament.

Hudson was well-liked among her peers because she would often shield them from Spartz's wrath.

Now that Hudson left on Friday, remaining staffers feel they are vulnerable to Spartz's abuse, and are bracing themselves for the worst.

Spartz, a former Indiana state senator—won an uncontested GOP primary on her way to likely reelection in the ultraconservative district. She admitted she's "not for everyone."

“I’m grateful to my current and former staff,” the 43-year-old said in a statement.

“I work extremely hard at a pace that is not for everyone. I remain focused on working hard for the people of Indiana.”