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Andy Cohen Reveals Anderson Cooper’s Biggest Turn-On On Live TV—And In Front Of Anderson

Anderson Cooper recently appeared on BFF Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live and took part in a game in which the two of them were asked questions about each other that they had to answer at the same time. Olivia Wilde asked “What is Anderson’s biggest turn on?” and, as you can see below, Cohen didn’t hesitate in his response.

When Wilde asked her question, Anderson quickly backed out:

I’m not even gonna answer.

Cohen, on the other hand, had his answer on the tip of his tongue:


That, it turns out, is how you make Anderson Cooper blush.

Fans on Twitter are loving the true friendship moment.

This clip was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Some fans sounded off in agreement.

Sorry, Anderson, I guess that’s what you get when Andy Cohen is your best friend. Always be careful about who you tell your secrets to, people! You never know when they might blurt one out on live television. Anderson learned this the hard way.

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Source: The Daily Buzz