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Andrew Tate Offers Bizarre Response After 'South Park' Brutally Mocks Him In Latest Episode

The long-running animated comedy took aim at Tate, who was behind bars—until Friday—on suspicion of human trafficking among other charges.

Andrew Tate; screenshot from 'South Park'
Alex Nicodim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images; 'South Park'/Comedy Central

Trey Parker and Matt Stone took no prisoners (pun intended) when they ruthlessly mocked Andrew Tate—under the guise of "toxic masculinity coach" Alonzo Fineski—on a recent episode of South Park.

In the episode, the suspected human trafficker pulled a gun on Stan Marsh's dad, Randy, for "harassing the ladies," i.e. two of his strippers.

Randy admits to "Alonzo" he is just trying to show Stan and friends "what a real party is."

Alonzo responds:

"I will call some friends."

The party eventually ends when cops come to shut it down.

But upon recognizing Alonzo as the Romanian sex trafficker, a shoot-out ensues.

Tate himself bizarrely responded to the episode through his team on Twitter.

"When I will be proven innocent."
"I look forward to help create the greatest South Park episode of all time.

Whatever the meaning of the tweet, the former kickboxer and self-described alpha male's fans think the collaboration is a "legendary" idea.

Others, however, don't think it's a likely scenario.

Tate was arrested in December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and organized crime.

On Friday, he—along with his brother Tristan and two others—were released from Romanian jail and placed under house arrest until April 29.

None of the suspects have been formally charged with a crime in accordance with Romanian law.