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BBC Reporter Called Out For Gross Interview With Andrew Scott On BAFTAs Red Carpet

BBC entertainment reporter Colin Paterson was hit with backlash after asking Scott a series of uncomfortable questions about 'Saltburn' star Barry Keoghan on the red carpet of the BAFTAs.

Andrew Scott and Colin Paterson

A BBC reporter was called out on social media after his incredibly unprofessional interview with Andrew Scott on the BAFTAs red carpet went viral.

Entertainment reporter Colin Paterson was hit with swift backlash after he unloaded some horrendously uncomfortable questions on the All of Us Strangers star at the 77th British Academy Film Awards on Sunday.

Though Scott himself was not nominated for a BAFTA, All of Us Strangers was nominated in six categories. Paterson's questions, however, had nothing to do with the film.

The viral clip from the interview shows Paterson asking Scott if he knows Saltburn star Barry Keoghan, who was nominated for Best Leading Actor.

Scott, who is gay, replied:

“I know Barry, yeah."

The interviewer then pressed Scott, who has never appeared in any films with Keoghan:

“OK, your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of ‘Saltburn.'"

Scott, laughing, said he didn't want to "spoil it for anybody" but agreed:

“It was great.”

But Paterson didn't stop there, prying:

“There was a lot of talk about prosthetics."
"How well do you know him?”

At that, Scott waved off the reporter and left the interview.

Paterson can be heard in the video asking:

“Too much? Too much?”

You can watch below.

The twitterverse was disgusted not only by Paterson's questions but also by his persistence.

Actors Callum Scott Howells and Nicholas Pegg even chimed in.

2022 BAFTA nominee Howells tweeted:

"Who the f*ck have they dragged off the street to interview Andrew Scott and why is he my mate’s drunk dad at a party?"

British actor Nicholas Pegg also criticized Paterson

"Jesus tap-dancing Christ. The year is 2024."
"Speaking as an actor who also happens to be gay, and who also happens to be a person, I can only offer solidarity to Andrew Scott, and to gay actors, and to actors, and to gay people, and to people."

And others on social media completely agreed the reporter was way out of line.

Many also commended Scott for exiting the conversation.

Neither BBC nor Paterson have commented on the interview, but they owe Scott an apology.