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Anderson Cooper Had No Time For Lara Trump's Comments About 'The Downfall Of Germany'

Lara Trump, wife of the President's son Eric Trump, also happens to be a paid member of the Trump campaign (which in any other Presidential campaign would be very concerning).

She recently appeared on Fox News and had made the startling claim that Syrian refugees were the "downfall of Germany, it was one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany."

Anderson Cooper couldn't help but put a spotlight on that claim during his humorous segment, The Rediculist.

Lara Trump's tone-deaf Germany comment lands on Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist

Many people couldn't believe Lara Trump claimed that Germany had fallen:

Many Germans sent tweets assuring the world they were ok!

Germany seems just fine.

Twitter users loved that Anderson had pointed out the Trump family's blatant nepotism and ignorance.

Even better...Anderson gave many people a good laugh!

Some people actually thought Anderson gave Lara TOO MUCH credit during the segment.

If Lara Trump was hoping to give everyone a hearty chuckle, she did a pretty good job!

Thanks for making some light of Lara Trump's dark lies, Anderson!