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Student Amrik Singh Was Dragged Out of 'Rush Late Bar' Because He Wouldn't Remove His Turban

Student Amrik Singh Was Dragged Out of 'Rush Late Bar' Because He Wouldn't Remove His Turban
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Amrik Singh said he was discriminated against after initially being allowed inside Rush Late Bar in Mansfield, Notthinghamshire, on Friday night.

The establishment had a strict "no headgear policy," and the door man approached the 22-year-old after about an hour-and-a-half of being situated with his friends because Singh was wearing a turban. He recorded their heated exchange.

The upset law student explained to the staff member that the headgear was a religious garment. But, the explanation fell on deaf ears. "I didn't think you were allowed to drink anyway," Singh was told.

In a deleted Facebook post, he said, "I explained that a turban isn't just headgear, but part of my religion and that I was allowed to wear a turban in public. The bouncer ignored this and said I needed to take it off. I refused and was subsequently dragged away from my friends."

Singh said that he was "heartbroken" over the incident and felt "victimized."

The fact that I was being removed because of my religious views really upset me. My ancestors have fought for the British army previously. Furthermore, me and my parents were born in Britain and all uphold British values.

Moments later, Singh found himself back inside Rush, but under one condition.

I was eventually let back into the venue but was told that I would not be allowed back in in the future because of my headwear.

Rush released a statement, saying that that the door man had been suspended. The club also expressed that they welcome patrons from all different backgrounds.

We are extremely concerned about the incident that occurred last night. We are treating the whole incident extremely seriously and have suspended the door supervisor involved and a thorough investigation has been launched. We, as a venue, welcome all customers regardless of their race, ethnicity or background.

The club offered their apologies to Singh for "any upset, hurt and distress that was caused to him and anyone else." They also acknowledged that the gentleman was allowed back inside that night after the confrontation.

Just to clarify the gentleman was invited back into the venue after this incident and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.

But the emotional scars still remain.

This experience ruined my night. It broke my heart. I'm very fortunate that I'm well spoken and I am able to stand up for myself. What if it was someone who wasn't confident was told to leave? I am disgusted.

Also, people were not content with the club's statement alone.

The evening's events could all be pinned on one bigot.

Following the incident, Singh wrote on Facebook, "Sometimes we can get carried away and label a whole community based on the actions of a small minority. However, I urge everyone that you do not fall into this trap when it comes to this incident."

For the record.

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