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New Survey Reveals America's Favorite Drunk Snacks—And We Feel Seen And Attacked At The Same Time

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After a night of drinking there are few things as tempting or as tasty as an unhealthy snack. Bad food never tasted so good. Now a new survey has revealed the top foods Americans crave for that post-drinking snack.

Whether it's just a couple drinks with friends or an all night party it seems Americans can't resist the urge satisfy their drunken-munchies after a drinking session. So healthy snack maker Bitchin' Sauce wanted to know just what kind of snacks Americans were reaching for.

According to the survey of 2,000 Americans conducted by OnePoll 82 percent of Americans admit to snacking while drunk, doing so on average about four times a month. One in three however indulge every time they drink. 50 percent of people though say they usually end up regretting it the next day.

Based on the top five snacks people go for it's no wonder why.

It's probably no surprise that pizza is king when it comes to eating under the influence, with 66 percent of those surveyed saying pizza is their favorite drunken snack. Chips and dip came in a close second at 58 percent, followed by french fries at 54 percent, nachos at 49 percent and tacos finishing the list at 44 percent.

Of course variety is the spice life and many snackers have their own go-to favorites when it comes to satisfying their drunken cravings.

But all that inebriated snacking is not without risk. 46 percent admit to trying to cook while drunk, but only 42 percent say they were successful.

40 percent also admit to having woken up with food in their bed the following day, though that might be better than the nearly 20 percent who wound up leaving food in an unusual place like a bathtub or closet, or the one third who accidentally left their fridges open all night.

Like many decisions made under the influence drunken snacking can often come with regret. In 2018 Americans spent almost $40 billion dollars while drunk, with half of that being on food alone.

The biggest regret Americans have about drunken snacking though is calories. With high fat and high calorie foods being the top choices most report regretting the overindulgence.

"The trend of people getting saucy is definitely on the rise, and chips and dip are definitely a big player on the scene," a spokesperson for Bitchin' Sauce told the New York Post. "What starts out as a simple handful of chips typically ends up as an entire bag along with a whole tub if not more of dip."

But Americans aren't likely to stop their drunk eating habits anytime soon. Along with satisfying their cravings 64 percent believe getting some food in your stomach help with your hangover the next day.

So as long as Americans are going to continue to indulge while drunk Bitchin' Sauce suggests trying a healthier snack alternative.

"Drunk people will always indulge in satisfying and tasty foods. We don't think those foods need to be terrible for you."

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