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Amazon Changes New Logo After People Pointed Out Its Awkward Resemblance To Hitler

Amazon Changes New Logo After People Pointed Out Its Awkward Resemblance To Hitler
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Whether or not we utilize their services, we're all familiar with Amazon's simple little smile logo.

But apparently, Amazon thought it was time for a little change of appearance...

The new logo featured the smile we all know on a cardboard box, now accompanied by a piece of blue tape peeking over the side of the box.

Here's what the logo looked like:


But for some viewers of the new logo, the Amazon smile bared a striking resemblance to someone.

And it wasn't Jeff Bezos.

In fact, some viewers looked at the little piece of fringed tape up over the smile and recalled someone who was known, in part, for a very narrow mustache... not to mention, genocide.

You guessed it: If you didn't see the resemblance before, you can probably see now where some people were able to argue that the new Amazon logo was reminiscent of Adolf Hitler.

Vicky Bullen, the CEO of the branding agency, Coley Porter Bell, analyzed the phenomenon:

"Unfortunately for Amazon, the visualization of their parcel tape on the original logo will immediately be associated as a Hitleresque moustache, as that shape is forever embedded in our brains as such."
"[It's] not the best association for a brand that wants to create delight on the doorstep."

Amazon received so much backlash for the logo, they decided to update their look one more time.

Now, it still includes the little piece of tape, but the jagged edge was removed and one corner has been folded up, much like it would be if someone were to patiently peel the tape from the cardboard box when opening it.

I don't know what that's like, but maybe other people do?


But now that the logo has been officially changed, other people are speaking up, wondering what all the fuss was about.

Others thought their fellow viewers were just looking for something to be mad about.

A few pointed out that they recognized Charlie Chaplin in the logo more than Adolf Hitler.

Amazon is having a tough time creating a new look for itself in 2021.

Maybe it should have focused on improving some other features instead?