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Former Disney Child Star Reveals They Were Fired From Kids Show After Coming Out As Queer

Alyson Stoner, who starred in 'Camp Rock' and uses they/them pronouns, says they were fired from a children's show after coming out because they were deemed 'unsafe' to be around kids.

Alyson Stoner
Irvin Rivera/Getty Images for IMDb

Former Disney star Alyson Stoner revealed coming out as queer resulted in being fired from a kids show.⁹ooo[oõ

While speaking with Spencewuah on the I'm Literally Screamingpodcast, the Camp Rock actor, who uses they/them pronouns, recently opened up about their decision to come out as well as its impact on their career.

Stoner revea

“The reason I ended up doing it was because my girlfriend at the time, we reached a point in our relationship where it felt like it was a disservice to her for her to be hidden, right?”
“Like, that, that didn't feel good for her, it didn’t feel fair. And even though there were other like pressures and considerations for me to be public, I felt like, OK, I wanna … I wanna do this.”

Stoner talked it over with their managers, one being their Camp Rock co-stars' - the Jonas brothers - dad, Kevin Jonas, Sr.

“He's a former pastor and so I was like, 'OK, I know that there's a potential risk here,' and he was very loving and supportive and helpful in me understanding that like, there are risks if I do this."
“It's totally my choice, but it could affect not only people’s perceptions, but also like, hireability for jobs.”

And Stoner shared that risk became a reality for them.

“I did end up getting fired from a children’s show because they felt that I was unsafe, now that they knew I was queer, to be around kids. So there was like, definitely discrimination.”

Stoner did not reveal which show fired them.

Regardless, people on social media agreed it was not okay.

And many others commended Stoner for their decision to come out and wished them well on future endeavors.

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Today Show/Facebook

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Before they came out, Stoner went through a form of conversion therapy, an "outpatient variation," hoping to suppress what they were feeling in order to better follow their religious beliefs.

In 2021, Stoner released their book Mind Body Pride, a "guidebook designed to support the mental and emotional health of queer folks and allies."

While Stoner confessed that their decision to come out was met with many challenges, it was the right one, nonetheless.

“The, like, beauty far outweighs the hate comments and death threats."
“It was intimating and also liberating."