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Alex Jones Goes Off On Teen Workers For Enforcing Guidelines—And They Couldn't Care Less

Alex Jones Goes Off On Teen Workers For Enforcing Guidelines—And They Couldn't Care Less

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has been removed from every prominent social media network for spreading dangerous lies, is still attempting to be relevant after the world has moved on.

Continuing his tradition of deeply uncomfortable man-on-the-street, interviews, a recent video of Jones features the host accosting a group of teenagers checking reservations at the entrance to a public park.

The footage of Jones having a complete and total meltdown while the teens stare apathetically quickly went viral on Twitter.

The scene took place outside of Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin, Texas, where reservations are required by law due to the spread of the virus.

Jones arrived at the park with no reservation and no mask, shouting:

"I've been coming here since I was in high school, college, and now you guys use your Covid hoax to, like, set a checkpoint up so you can take over the parks and start charging."
"It's unconstitutional, its not even a city ordinance. It is an illegal power grab of the people's Greenbelt and its time to free Austin. This is outrageous criminal activity. This is a seizure of the infrastructure of the city of Austin."

Alex Jones is truly unhinged and should be taken seriously by no one.

These teenagers deserve an award for their reactions.

Jones has reportedly been denying the existence of the virus on his show while also selling several fake "cures" to his viewers.

Ironically, if Jones was performing some sort of comedy skit, this would be excellent content.

It's worth remembering that Jones's personal life is in turmoil due to his unhealthy connection to his public persona.

It's time for Alex Jones to disappear completely from public life. That's what would be best for him and for the whole world.