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Adam Sandler Reveals Why He Gets 'A Little Jumpy' Around Taylor Swift—And We Totally Get It

The actor opened up on Conan O'Brien's 'Team Coco' podcast about not wanting to 'blow it' for his superfun daughters, likening Swift to the Beatles.

Adam Sandler; Taylor Swift
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Adam Sandler revealed he gets "a little f**king jumpy" around Taylor Swift, but his reason is pretty adorable.

While speaking with Conan O'Brien on the Team Coco podcast, the actor explained it's all because of his daughters Sadie and Sunny.

“You know what...because what she means to my kids. I get a little f**king jumpy."
"Because I don’t want to blow it for my kids. ‘Taylor, Taylor!’ you know, because I talk a little too loud or something."
"I don’t act as cool as I can.”

Sandler also made the bold comparison between Swift and the Beatles.

“People talk about the Beatles of it all and her."
“Man, f**k, so many smash hits. There’s not a word my kids don’t know. I know ’em too, by the way, but they know ’em inside and out."
"But I just remember the Beatles, every f**king record you knew?”
“That’s Taylor Swift, too. There’s not a song you skip. You go,’ That one’s pretty damn cool.”

The host concurred:

“She’s this whole other level."

You can watch below.

Why Adam Sandler Gets "F**CKING JUMPY" Around Taylor Swift | E!

People on social media totally get it.

And they didn't argue the Beatles comparison, either.

Of course, we all knew Sandler was a bit of a Swiftie when he took his daughters to the Eras Tour film premiere...

...and danced and sang along to "Karma."

But we totally get it.