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Actor Who Played Ross And Rachel's Baby On 'Friends' Rings In 2020 With The Perfect Throwback Joke

Actor Who Played Ross And Rachel's Baby On 'Friends' Rings In 2020 With The Perfect Throwback Joke

If the talk on the internet can be trusted, the old show Friends was kinda popular.

Which is why people were distraught when it left Netflix at the start of the year.

However, we got one last hurrah in the form of a self-referential joke from one of the youngest stars on the show. Noelle Sheldon is one of the twins who played Ross and Rachel's baby, Emma.

She rung in the new year by making, as she says, a poorly done photoshop.

Seems funny enough by itself.

But if you're a big fan of Friends, you'd catch the reference she made to an old episode.

In the final season episode titled "The One with the Cake", the gang is readying Emma's first birthday. Chandler and Monica had to scrap a romantic getaway, as the party is pushed later and later because Emma is sleeping.

So, when Ross has the couple record a message for Emma's future 18th birthday, Chandler gets a little snippy.

Friends-Emma's 18 birthday Chandler and Monica's

"Hi, Emma. It's the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?"

Apparently, she did enjoy her nap, seeing as it was the "best nap of all time."

Even her twin sister, Cali, who also played Emma, agreed.


So many people thought the Instagram post was perfect.





Sadly, if you were hoping to pull up the final season episode to stream, you're out of luck. The show hasn't just been pulled from Netflix.

Because of the agreements between all the involved companies, the show won't be available to stream until May, when the HBO Max service launches.

When it comes back, you can see for yourself which Friends character is the main character.

Or you could still be talking about Noelle's Instagram joke.

Until May, you can get the complete series of Friends here.