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Guy Gets Accidentally Added To Random Expecting Couple's Family Group Text, And Donates To Their Diaper Fund Anyway

Guy Gets Accidentally Added To Random Expecting Couple's Family Group Text, And Donates To Their Diaper Fund Anyway

Seems like it should be difficult these days to accidentally text the wrong number.

We'd figure by now that no one would be manually entering numbers.

They should all be names in your phone.

Well, somehow a man was added to a group chat for an expecting family. Rather than just point things out and remove himself, the stranger made a great gesture.

On the site, the conversation begins with "Meemaw" congratulating "Zach" on his new baby.

starwarswins / Imgur

starwarswins / Imgur

However, the small group has an unexpected member. Bobby let's Meemaw and Zach know he was accidentally added to the group chat.

Instead of announcing the mistake and being removed, he offers to contribute to the diaper fund.

starwarswins / Imgur

Bobby is the best kind of stranger. I'm not sure how many of us would offer to give money for a random person's new kid.

Especially if we only met through a wrong text. That makes this all the more surprising.

The comments agreed that Bobby seems like he's the best.

"'Name the kid Bobby Name the kid Bobby Name the kid Bobby Name the kid Bobby Name the kid Bobby.' - Me the entire time I'm reading this." - mythology333
"Gotta get Bobby to the christening, bris, or the baby reveal thing that millenials do." - Gianttesticlemonster
"Can I give Bobby my cash app info??" - Sweetness007
"Now what would be great, is if that was the thankgiving guy." - DrKenAdams

But how did Bobby get added to this?

Well, Zach has an explanation. The group chat was started by Meemaw, who likely had his old number in her phone.

Zach's old number now happens to be Bobby's number.

starwarswins / Imgur

starwarswins / Imgur

The exchange continues, with Zach telling Bobby his Cashapp username, and Bobby sends over some dough to buy diapers.

It's the most wholesome exchange you're likely to read today.

"How awesome can someone be?" - bigmrt
"Beautiful family, awesome stranger" - pangevine
"Happy to be human!! Be good to each other" - howyougonnawhat
"That's a great response. I'll have to remember that in case it ever happens to me" – hardytardigrade

This is definitely a much better response than some wrong texts. Sometimes instead of something nice, you get a troll.

Back in August, a woman shared her texts with a 7th grade volleyball team. Rather than inform the young girls of the mistake, she instead pretended to be their friend, Gwen, and played pranks.

At the very least, Bobby is a whole lot nicer to his accidental group text.

starwarswins / Imgur

Hold up.

If she just gave birth, how does Zach's wife Sierra look fantastic?

"Wholesomeness aside, how does she look amazing after giving birth and I looked like the loch ness moster???" - HodgeNPodge
"No way that's real. My ex wife looked like she went through a tumble wash with a pile of rocks after giving birth." - theDarren1
"Your wife looks hella good after popping out a child" - KarinTrof2000
"The baby's all wrapped up and asleep so this was probably not taken immediately after the birth. May even be hours later." – InkyBlinkyPinkyAndClyde

Some things we weren't meant to know.

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