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A Photo Of Democratic Hopeful John Delaney Having Absolutely No Fun On A Giant Slide Has The Internet LOLing

Joe Raedle/Getty Images // @cnixattl/Twitter

The campaign trail can be exhausting and stressful. It can be hard to let yourself have fun.

That may be why 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney seemed to be having none of this giant slide.

See for yourself.

Delaney gave a strong performance in last night's first Democratic primary debate, but in this photo shared by Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer, he doesn't seem too entertained.

Sommer accurately predicted that Delaney had "powerful meme energy."

Sure enough, the memes came flooding in.

Others made some keen observations.

Delaney has yet to respond, but we have a feeling he'd crack a smile at some of these reactions.

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