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9-Year-Old Colorado Boy Convinces Town Leaders To Lift Ban On Snowball Fights With Impressive Speech

For nearly a century, it has been illegal to throw a snowball in a small Colorado town.

That is, until a young boy has decided to convince the town officials to repeal the law.

This is almost like the plot of Footloose!

Except with snow.

And less dancing...

And the kids convince the town...

OK, it's nothing like Footloose.

Anyway, watch the video here.

9-year-old gets Colorado town to end ban on snowball fights

When 9-year-old, Dane Best, found out snowball fights were technically illegal in his little town of Severance, CO, he became obsessed with the law.

"I think it's an outdated law. I want to be able to throw a snowball without getting in trouble."

This started a month and a half ago, on a field trip to town hall, where the town officials explained that there's an ordinance that bans throwing stones or missiles at people. Snowballs fall under the 'missiles' category.

It's a surprising thing to learn, to say the least.

While the rule isn't really enforced, town officials have tried to use it as a teaching tool, and encouraged kids to try and get it changed. In four years, no one has.

At least, no one until Dane heard about it.

"We didn't know that, at his age, he could even have a voice in the community,"

Dane's mother, Brooke Best said:

"So that's been pretty cool."

Throughout the process Dane has been learning about how his city government works, and other laws on the books. For instance, he discovered the town only considers cats and dogs pets, making his pet guinea pig illegal as well.

These unenforced laws might be a good way to get kids interested in their local government.

This all culminated in a town meeting where Dane gave a speech and slideshow to implore the town leaders to overturn the law.

"I am here today to hopefully change the law about throwing snowballs,"

Dane begins:

He goes on to cite the number of children in the town who don't agree with the law, as well as research about exercise needed for children.

The vote was unanimously in agreement with Dane.

"Sounds like you just changed the law!"

It was an outcome everyone could cheer for.

Afterward, Dane was allowed to throw the first legal snowball since the town's founding.

H/T: The Hill, Associated Press

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