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5th Grade Teacher Sparks Debate After Giving His 'Unpopular' Classroom Opinions In Viral TikTok Video

5th Grade Teacher Sparks Debate After Giving His 'Unpopular' Classroom Opinions In Viral TikTok Video

A fifth-grade teacher is going viral on TikTok after posting a video in which he shares his "unpopular" opinions about teaching and he's receiving an unbelievable amount of support.

TikToker Dan Shutes, also known by his TikTok persona @danshutes, is a fifth-grade teacher and content creator who posts entertaining videos from the perspective of a school teacher.

His videos cover a vast array of topics as they relate to teaching such as tips for communicating with students, how to address a situation in which a student is being bullied and some of his "unpopular" opinions when it comes to teaching in a classroom setting.


Food for thought. #teacher #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #fyp

The viral 12-second video captioned "Food for thought" has over six million views, received nearly one million likes and over 23,000 comments.

The TikTok community—including quite a few educators and parents—was all too quick to sound off in the comments, agreeing with the opinions Shutes stated in his video.




The viral TikTok began with Shutes standing in the middle of what viewers can only assume is his classroom. Shutes then walked up to the camera as the popular TikTok audio "Bunny is Queen" plays over the video.

Text overlay then appeared which read:

"My unpopular teacher opinions…”

Shutes stopped in front of the camera and, on beat with the song, text appeared on the screen which outlined what he believes to be his unpopular opinions as a teacher.

As the video continues, the first opinion to show up on screen read:

"Elementary students should NOT have homework.”




As the video went on, Shutes sang along with the music, lipsyncing "start a riot" after the first opinion.

Saying the phrase prompted a second opinion to pop up on the screen which read:

"Recess should NOT be taken away as punishment."

And Shutes's third and final opinion read:

“If a student can’t stay awake in class, let them sleep.”

Parents were extremely supportive of Shutes' statements, wholeheartedly agreeing with his perspective on how to be a good teacher to students.




This teacher definitely deserves a gold star for having his students' best interests in mind.