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Zillow Hilariously Roasted After Unoccupied House On Stilts Valued At $381k Falls Into The Ocean

Zillow Hilariously Roasted After Unoccupied House On Stilts Valued At $381k Falls Into The Ocean

If you thought climate change or the housing market were getting any better, one short video may change your mind.

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore account shared a disturbing video. It depicts an unoccupied house on the seashore collapsing into the ocean.

A grim reminder of the future under our current climate course.

The clip shows a home on stilts being washed away from its beachfront location. It slowly drifts into the ocean, untethered from the land.

The story was then picked up by Tolly Taylor, and investigative reporter who connected the collapsed building with a Zillow listing.

The house was recently valued at $381,200 by Zillow’s Zestimate. This led to a lot of discussion about the problems with the housing market.

And despite some people blaming the house being built too close to the water, it wasn’t initially.

According to one user, the house was initially built much further from the coast. But due to coastal erosion, the shoreline came to the house, making it ripe for destruction.

A coastal storm rolled in, causing big waves to hit the area. The end result is the clip you see above.

However, for a while after the reporting, Zillow still hadn’t updated, leading many to joke about the scenario.

But the real case here is that climate change has exacerbated extreme weather conditions.

The house in that clip wasn’t the only one to get swallowed by the ocean. Another one earlier that day collapsed on the shore.

While it’s difficult to tie direct blame to climate change, the issues it causes, from erratic weather patterns, extreme storms, and rising water levels, all contributed to the conditions that caused the building to collapse.

The house, which was often rented out as a vacation home, was originally built a few hundred yards from the coastline. Seeing the house so close to the shore in the clip is eye popping.

This led to a lot of discussion on the effects of climate change.

And it brought up the ever-relevant clip of Ben Shapiro getting owned when he suggested people on the coast could just sell their houses if climate change got too bad.

Cape Hatteras National Seashore has advised visitors to stay away from the beachfront area for now. They promise to update with additional details when they receive it.