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Enormous Yacht Takes Out Bridge Operator's Shack As Crowd Of Onlookers Runs For Cover


On this episode of "Nightmares You Didn't Know You Had":

A superyacht in St. Maarten took down an operator's shack as it attempted to dock at Simpson Bay Lagoon.

The incident was captured on video, along with shots of several onlookers watching it happen and commenting.

The yacht, owned by Pakistani billionaire Alshair Fiyaz, was met with a combination of high winds and strong currents that took the yacht out of the operator's control.

An escape hatch on the starboard of the ship was open, which ultimately crashed into and crumpled the structure.

Thankfully the operator was able to escape the shack and make it to safety.

Simpson Bay Bridge is still operational, as the controls themselves were not destroyed, though the booth is plenty the worse for wear.

There is no update on the captain of the yacht, called the Ecstasea,

The yacht itself was commissioned by Russian-Israeli businessman Roman Abramovich and is composed of solid steel and boasts seven passenger cabins, 12 crew cabins, a cinema, sauna, weight room, multiple bars and a helicopter landing pad.

Thankfully, this time, nobody was hurt—so we can all take this as a warning to be more careful driving our superyachts.