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People Break Down The Worst Thing They've Ever Done To An Ex

Reddit user pizzzaR2R2 asked: 'What is the worst thing you’ve done to an ex?'

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Hindsight is 20/20. Especially when reflecting on the past, many people feel content in their current relationships compared to former ones where they weren't treated well.

But not a lot of people own up to their hurtful behaviors in past relationships.

That was until Redditor pizzzaR2R2 asked:

"What is the worst thing you’ve done to an ex?"

Redditors shared their shameful hijinks.

The Bait And Switch

"Petty as f'k but I told her that her favorite designer purse I had bought her was a fake."

"It wasn't, obviously, but I heard she gave it away pretty quickly."

"Some random person out there has a really nice genuine Saint Laurent bag and that makes me happy."

– lordpanda

Wiping From Existence

"Guessed her password (blink182) and deleted her MySpace."

– Dangerxchrist

"Changing my password."

– jdirte42069

"I was about to post the exact same thing."

"Then she made a new one. . .and used the exact same password. So I did it again after a couple weeks of her trying to build it back up."

– ComesInAnOldBox

"I knew her Jersey Mike's rewards password. I waited until she built up a lot of points then went and got myself a free samich."

– Blackcrown

Disappearing Act

"Was right behind her in the line at a store and I saw her eyes go wide when she saw me so I know she recognized me. Hadn’t seen her in about 10 years and she had let herself go so I pretended I didn’t recognize her."

– Angry_Pterodactyl

"I have done this exact thing. The girl I went out with and lost my virginity to. She was…weird… She was manipulative and maybe semi-emotionally abusive, but I was young and had no idea. Probably wouldn’t have cared back then either because she was hot."

"After she broke up with me, over the phone btw, and never really told me why I didn’t see her after that at all. Then one day years later I get a text from an unknown number apologizing for 'anything [she’d] done. Took me awhile to figure out who it was because when I responded asking who it was I never got a response."

"Then, a few years after that, I saw her in the grocery store I worked at. She walked right up to me and goes, 'Hi.' I stare at her a moment and give her my arbitrary smile nod and say, 'Do you need help with anything, miss?' Her face dropped and she said, 'You don’t remember me?'”

“'Sorry,' I said, I don’t.'”

– ThatCoryGuy

These were revenge-motivated examples.

A Second Chance At Love

"Got remarried to a nice person."

– 2x4x93

"This is probably one of the best revenges. I was in an abusive relationship for around 4 years. She tore me down every chance she got, was physically and sexually abusive too. We eventually broke up after I just became a shell that didn’t interact with her because it was my only real defense towards her."

"After the break up, I felt at peace and wasn’t trying to date, but just work on my physical and mental health. Focusing on myself worked wonders, as I found a wonderful partner not even a month later. She was far more attractive and she made me genuinely happy."

"I never told my ex about her, I just wanted to leave that chapter of my life behind, but her stalking me led her to find my new loving relationship. While I just wanted to move on and try to recover from years of abuse, knowing that she saw me move onto better things brings me great joy."

– puffferfish

"Dude hell yeah."

"An ex-girlfriend of mine had cheated on me after 3 years and then ghosted me. I had to ask her mom what was going on (and her mom said that although she wanted to talk to me, my ex (gf of the time) told her not to talk to me)."

"I finally got an answer, all I wanted to know was if we were broken up or not, and she finally said yes, and I said perfect. The next day I dropped off all of her stuff at her mom's house."

"About 3 months later I had reconnected with an old coworker, and I found out she was going through a similar situation, so we started hanging out just to like console each other and just kind of spend time, and then it turned out that we were like, hyper/uber compatible with each other."

"Well we started dating (she's currently fiancee, hell yeah), but I think once my ex found out (I had blocked her on social media but I think she found out through mutual friends) she started calling me like once a day, texting me and leaving voicemails about how she wants to remain friends, and she still wanted to see the cat and dog (keep in mind, she was the one who wanted the pets in the first place and had left them for three months)"

"Every single call was ignored, and every text was deleted and not responded to. I would have blocked her, but my phone didn't have that ability at the time."

"But yeah, even though it was annoying, the small petty piece of my soul was filled knowing that she saw me (or continues to see me) truly happy with someone who loves me."

– Lemondade_IceCold

Serial Cheater

"In the Early WIFI days, I drove by her apartment during finals week in college and changed her Wi-Fi router's ID and password so she wouldn't be able to connect. We broke up because I caught her cheating on me."

"Like caught caught, walked in on. Was with a guy she got mad at me for being jealous of how much she had been talking to him. She started dating him right away."

"Years later, I ran into the guy, and he told me she did it to him, too, and that they were doing stuff for months before I caught them. He told me she was in a rage about the internet not working when she really needed it."

– SuperMadCow

The Punishment

"We are both lawyers. I found out he cheated on me. I took his lawyer’s robes and hid them on a day I knew he needed them in order to appear in high court. He had to show up in front of the judge and try to explain why he didn’t have his robes."

– CanuckGinger

She Once Had It Good

"Found out she cheated on me because when i went onto my computer and hit enter to log into Facebook she used it last, so seeing a message from my friend was weird until i realized i was on hers and read it. Happened at like 1am when i got home."

"I had her in the car with her stuff 20 minutes later and dropped her off wailing at her mom's apartment while she begged me for another chance. Her mom was dead asleep, and didnt hear her knock or call, so I left her in the rain with her stuff."

"She spent the next couple of years unblocking me and checking my Facebook, then blocking me again. Every guy she posted a pic with had the comment "he treats me so much better than (me)" but nobody that knew us believed it because of how good i treated her."


Some people just like to stir things up.

The Troublemaker

"Not an ex, but one time I was talking to two girls from Tinder at the same time. Unbeknownst to me, they were best friends. They must’ve gotten to talking and realized they were talking to the same guy. They sent me a barrage of nasty messages, calling me a 'f'kboy' and the like. I kind of just laughed it off and chalked it up as a loss."

"A few hours later one of the girls texted me again. She said she wasn’t mad at me, just surprised that I would pursue someone 'as ugly as her friend' and that she was still interested in meeting up for a date."

"I took a screenshot of what she wrote, sent it to the other friend, and then blocked them both."

– SomeDrillingImplied

It's a gift for exes to get along and establish well-meaning friendships long after a break-up.

But some exes are better left forgotten, a closed chapter.

There's no need to torment those who've done you wrong.

The examples above are a reminder that it's always better to be the bigger person and move forward in pursuit of healthier relationships.