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Woody Harrelson Goes Viral After Helping A Random Couple Move Out Of Their NYC Apartment

Woody Harrelson Goes Viral After Helping A Random Couple Move Out Of Their NYC Apartment
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Actor Woody Harrelson has lit up movie screens for decades.

He won a Primetime Emmy Award for his role in the classic sitcom Cheers, he's been nominated for three Academy Awards and four Golden globes over the years, and he helped lead the Zombieland films to cult fandom.

So what's a guy like that do on a Saturday afternoon in New York?

He helps random strangers move out of their apartment, of course.

Over the weekend, Wall Street Journal reporter Alex Janin posted a photo to Twitter showing Woody Harrelson unloading a sizable house plant from Janin's apartment alongside Janin herself, who was beaming with excitement and held a noticeably more manageable plant of her own.

The Huffington Post caught up with Janin's boyfriend, Graham Jefferson, and asked about the encounter.

Jefferson shared the brief interaction even modified his outlook a little bit.

"I was just thinking to myself, 'Only in New York.' "
"Naturally, I didn't want to burden him with helping us but could not turn down having the story to tell my friends."
"I realized that letting fame harden you or make you pretentious may be more an internal thing than just the outcome of fame."

People were of course thrilled to see the famous actor behaving in such a down-to-earth way.

But they were also a tad jealous of Janin, who shared more about the encounter in a later tweet.

But a surprising amount of people who saw the photo only focused on Woody Harrelson's presence for a moment before moving on to what they apparently considered a far more pressing issue—the health of Janin's house plant.

The unrelenting focus on the struggling plant eventually led Janin to address the situation directly.

It's nice to know even famous celebrities lead normal lives helping neighbors to move, looking for bike shares and getting lost.