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The Lineup For The 50th Anniversary Of Woodstock Is Drawing Some Decidedly Mixed Reactions

@woodstockfest/Twitter, @Blazinglnfrno/Twitter

50 years ago, in upstate New York, music history was made as a bunch of rock-lovers crowded onto a patch of muddy farmland for what is now remembered as maybe the greatest music festival of all time: Woodstock. To celebrate the event's gold anniversary, another festival is being staged.

Unfortunately, people don't seem quite as enthused about this new lineup as they were about the original's.

There was definitely some interest in some of the show's more veteran acts...

...but many Twitter users couldn't help but feel like the choice of artists didn't quite "fit."

There were definitely some strong opinions on Twitter about what kind of music should and shouldn't be included at Woodstock 50.

Other people took different issues with the festival, pointing out its location and price.

Still, despite the jokes, there were also some people who were skeptical but interested.

Perhaps the success of Woodstock was an accident that we'll never be able to replicate.

Of course, the bands who will be playing at the show expressed nothing but excitement!

But as the festival approaches, fans will be spending their time thinking this to themselves: