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Woman Sends Picture Of Her New Bedroom To Her Mom, But Forgets About The Handcuffs Attached To Her Bed

Woman Sends Picture Of Her New Bedroom To Her Mom, But Forgets About The Handcuffs Attached To Her Bed
Gael Vega/EyeEm/Getty Images, @ella_vdm/Twitter

It's surprisingly easy to go viral on the internet.

All you need to do is something really embarrassing and accidentally, or intentionally share it online.

There's just something about a demeaning story that brings out the commiseration and insults. Really, it's a coin toss as to what kind of attention you'll get, but you're sure to get attention all the same.

Twitter user Ella Martine shared a recent instance of shame. Her mother asked for pictures of her new room.

Ella obliged and immediately regretted it.

She sent a photo of her newly decorated room to her mom and basked in the praise. It looked so nice. Except for the handcuffs she left on her bed.


I'm a little surprised she could see it, as I didn't notice the handcuffs in the first image. But Ella uploaded a second image showing a blown-up view of her bed so you can see exactly what her mother saw.

How is she going to get out of this one?

Oh. That's how.

I don't know how she survived this encounter. Or how she came up with an acceptable lie so quickly.

Ella's story is definitely cringe inducing. The only way it could be worse is if it happened in person. Though her mom's obsession with her getting rid of the handcuffs is a little unnerving.

You have to wonder how she missed those when she was preparing her room. I feel like you would have noticed the handcuffs when you went to make the bed.

But then, maybe she was distracted by the stuff in her room like the whole of Twitter.

Ella's viral story didn't remain on Twitter. Over on Reddit, the tweet was shared to the r/instant_regret board.

The subreddit is dedicated to exactly what it sounds like, times where you realized you screwed yourself over almost immediately after making your mistake.

A regular user named Gallowboob took a screenshot of the tweet and shared it to the subreddit.

Unlike the relatable comments, or distractions of the Twitter post, Reddit had another idea in mind.

Namely, jokes.

"Now mom knows her child is a secret agent that uses the new house for interrogating suspects. Oh, the shame." - JSBraga

"Say your bed is under a rest" - Roktyv

"You fool it was under cover!" - numb_legs

"What kind of mother doesn't know her daughter is a werewolf who has to chain herself up every night." - suikofan80

After it's all said and done, I'm surprised Ella's mom hasn't discovered these viral posts. There's probably an obvious reason for that, though we're just going to skip right past that and say this post definitely happened.

Sure you might question why someone would share an embarrassing story with the world, but it's more common than you'd think. Reddit just recently told the internet about their most embarrassing nerdy moments.

Regardless, if you need a little sympathy and more than a few jokes, telling the internet your embarrassing story is the way to go.

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