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Woman Rips Her Husband A New One For Riding Her Bike Around Their Neighborhood Dressed As Michael Myers

Woman Rips Her Husband A New One For Riding Her Bike Around Their Neighborhood Dressed As Michael Myers
Sabrina Zimmerman / Facebook

The holidays are meant to be all fun and games, especially Halloween, but, let's be honest.

Some of us have been known to take things a little too far.

This week, one husband realized he may have gone two or three steps too far when he was scolded and sent home by his wife.

Keep in mind, he was riding his wife's bike around the neighborhood, with a skeleton baby in the attached children's bicycle trailer, while wearing a Michael Myers mask.

Surely something you'd expect to see in any nice, family-centered neighborhood, right?

Sabrina Zimmerman of Decatur, Indiana shared a video to Facebook, after finding her husband, Evan, riding around the neighborhood in this disguise, and then promptly sending him home.

You can watch the video here:

Zimmerman said in the video:

"Oh my god, are we those people now? Ride around with a skeleton baby in my bike carrier? Oh my god. Seriously, get home, or I'm gonna have you committed."

Right before the video ends, Zimmerman turns to her son laughing in the passenger seat.

The video ends with her saying:

"Oh my god. I leave to pick you up from a football game, and your dad does this crap."

Apparently, this is something the neighbors have grown used to over the years, and something Evan has adapted for his community, as well.

Zimmerman confided that the family has been very lucky, because the neighbors have been very understanding about Evan's Myers costume every year, and no one has complained.

However, they do seem to stare a lot, from watching as he goes.

Zimmerman said:

"I feel like people think I'm this horrible wife. I'm not. He's just uncontrollable this time of year, and we have three boys ranging from one to fourteen."

Evan Zimmerman also shared:

"This year, people are really taking a liking to [the Michael Myers costume]. The worst time do to it is night time when no one is out or paying attention much, and the best time is six-thirty. I've narrowed it down."

Sabrina Zimmerman / Facebook

Sabrina Zimmerman / Facebook

Sabrina Zimmerman / Facebook

Viewers have certainly taken a liking to Evan Zimmerman's costume, to the point that he now has a Facebook page dedicated to the disguise. This can largely be attributed to Sabrina Zimmerman's reaction and scolding.

Hearing Sabrina freak out about his costume is surely a highlight.

Well, you know what they say about marriage: you take each other in sickness and in health—and in this case, being a serial killer, or undead, or spooky.

The classic slasher film, Halloween, is available here.

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