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Woman Calls Out 'Bougie' Restaurant For Only Giving Her Boyfriend A Menu With Prices On It

Woman Calls Out 'Bougie' Restaurant For Only Giving Her Boyfriend A Menu With Prices On It

Australian radio host and internet celebrity Abbie Chatfield—@abbiechatfield—took to TikTok to vent her ire after a frustrating experience at a restaurant in Italy.

Chatfield and her boyfriend visited a "bougie" restaurant while on a European vacation. While her boyfriend was given a typical menu with all of the usual information on it, Chatfield was given a "ladies' menu" with no prices listed.

Chatfield didn't immediately realize her menu was different.

She said her boyfriend called the restaurant "expensive." When she asked him how he knew she saw his menu had prices listed.

She was incredulous:

"He got a menu with prices on it, and I didn’t. I’m the breadwinner."

You can view Chatfield's video below:


First time travelling with money is WILD!!!!

Chatfield said in the comments she and her boyfriend swapped menus.

It seemed like the waitstaff noticed because she was presented with the bill when they were done.

Abbie Chatfield/TikTok

Some commenters seemed to think there was nothing wrong with the menu situation.

A few had the nerve to tell Chatfield she needed to find a man who could pay for her meal, but most agreed with Chatfield.

Anne K/TikTok





Many people shared similarly infuriating experiences.


Marissa Mascaro/TikTok

This isn't the first time the practice of giving menus without prices to women dining with men has led to backlash for expensive restaurants.

In 2019, Peru's famous La Rosa Nautica was fined $62,000 for their practice of giving women menus without pricing information.