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Woman Floored After Donating Kidney To Dying Boyfriend—Only For Him To Cheat On And Dump Her

Woman Floored After Donating Kidney To Dying Boyfriend—Only For Him To Cheat On And Dump Her

Some people give their significant other flowers to show their love. Others give chocolate or sentimental gifts.

But one woman went a step further and donated a kidney to her dying boyfriend.

And how did he repay her, one might ask?

By cheating on her and promptly breaking up with her.

What a thoughtful way of showing gratitude.

The woman took her story to TikTok.


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TikTok user @colleeniie, whose real name is Colleen Le, took to the social media platform to recount her selfless act for her then-boyfriend.

To say TikTokers were shocked by how the relationship took a turn for the worst is a major understatement.




When Colleen met her boyfriend five years prior, he informed her of his chronic illness that impacted his kidney function.

According to her boyfriend, he suffered from chronic kidney disease since he was a 17-year-old. In Colleen's recounting the story, she said her now ex-boyfriend had been on dialysis because his kidney function was "less than 5 per cent."

Understandably, Colleen wanted to do all she could to help the man she loved. Her first step was going to the doctor to get tested to see if her kidney was a match and a viable candidate for an organ donation.

When questioned about this, Colleen explained her reasoning in a follow-up TikTok as very simply:

"I didn't want him to die."


Not long after getting tested, Colleen and her boyfriend received a life-altering and live-saving phone call from the doctor.

Colleen was a match for her boyfriend and was able to donate a kidney to him.

In a follow-up video responding to a TikTok comment requesting "story time" Colleen explained the whole process was rather daunting and scary for her.

Colleen also admitted to being "nervous" on the day of the life-saving surgery, and understandably so.


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Fast forward seven months post-op and Colleen said her ex told her he was traveling to Las Vegas with his church group for a bachelor party.

Colleen thought nothing of it and stayed home in order to study for her final exams.

This was around the time things started going sideways in the relationship. When Colleen's ex came back from his trip and revealed he cheated on her during the trip, it caught Colleen completely by surprise.

“A lot of arguments later, I eventually forgave him and gave him a second chance," Colleen wrote as she made the difficult decision to give the relationship another chance.


Unfortunately for Colleen and her ex, their compatibility seemed to begin and end with her kidney.

Three months after Colleen selflessly gave the guy another chance, he did the unthinkable. He dumped her over the phone and allegedly said, “If we are meant for each other, God will bring us back together in the end.”

The TikToker claims that her ex told her "You only donated your kidney to look good" and she further explained that "he blocked me on every social media and stopped answering my calls/texts for months."


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Since retelling her tale over the course of multiple TikToks, Colleen has received an outpouring of support from her followers and has since received thousands of new followers that were eager to hear her tale.

The most recent TikTok regarding her ordeal has received over 10 million views, 1.7 million likes and 30,000 likes.



Well, Colleen, we hope Beyonce's Lemonade has been on heavy rotation since the incident.