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Woman Sentenced After Catfishing And Stalking Men On Gay Dating App Grindr And Sending Their Nudes To Their Families

Woman Sentenced After Catfishing And Stalking Men On Gay Dating App Grindr And Sending Their Nudes To Their Families

31-year-old Yannick Glaudin, a French woman living in the U.K., has just been sentenced to 13 months in prison for stalking and harassing several men she catfished on Grindr.

In May 2017, Glaudin began exchanging messages and nudes with a man while using the pseudonym "Steven St. Pier."

Prosecutor John McNamara said in court:

"During the period of contact, the victim sent to the defendant a number of intimate and personal pictures and videos."

In December of that same year, Glaudin's victim began to suspect "Steven" wasn't who he claimed to be, and so cut off contact. Glaudin responded by sending his nudes to "stepfather, friends, and friends of friends."

Taking things even farther, Glaudin began following her victim around town, taking pictures of him. She would then send her victim these photos.

Glaudin also began separate relationships with another man and his ex-boyfriend using the aliases "Harry Wars" and "Nick Guel."

When these two men similarly stopped corresponding with Glaudin, she once again lashed out in a disturbing fashion.

This time, she filed a false police report claiming her victim's boyfriend was "sexually abusing an underage boy" and that he often spent time with "a known prostitute."

As if that weren't enough, she filed yet another false police report, posing as her victim's boss, "stating that he had seen videos of underage sex on a laptop." All the while, Glaudin would be sending men "looking for sex" to the victim's house.

Finally, in a move so insane it can hardly be believed, Glaudin began sending messages to her victim's friends stating there was a price on his head in Barcelona and London.

Speaking in court, the victim said:

"I suffered the extreme shock of constant, insidious daily harassment at home, work and on every online channel I was registered on, by someone completely anonymous, using multiple aliases. The perpetrator has accused me personally of being a pedophile, impersonated me and my partner online via dating applications, sent multiple strangers to my home demanding anonymous sex, followed me … home, and taken photographs of our front door and taunted us about it."

Glaudin fled the authorities by returning to her home country of France but, after a year evading justice, she was extradited back to the U.K. where she faced the charges.

She pled guilty to all charges.

Her case's judge, Silas Reid, stated:

"It's difficult to understand why you did what you did, other than that during the period of your offending you were consumed by jealousy and a desire for revenge."

Reid also placed a lifelong restraining order on Glaudin, ensuring she will never be able to contact any of her victims ever again.