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Woman Live-Tweets Her Hilarious Attempt To Get Rid Of Two Random Pigeons That Showed Up In Her Living Room

@lucytopping / Twitter

Twitter user @lucytopping recently chronicled her unusual and hilariously disturbing experience of when two pigeons randomly appeared in her home.

The self-proclaimed snack seeker and posted a serious of Tweets about how she was at home for a couple of hours when she looked up and noticed a random two pigeons hanging out in her London home.

Read the hilarious journey for yourself.

Lucy explains that she believes one of the pigeons is the bird who,

"we affectionately called 'Mr. Pigeon' that lives in a cat fla[p] beneath my toilet."

She surely will no longer affectionately call either pigeon anything after her experience.

The startled Londoner assumed that the two birds entered her flat through the cat flap on the door.

Her Tweets also describe how the birds seem to become more sophisticated during their short stay in her home — first they pooped in her bath, then they found their way to the toilet like proper folks.

Finally the birds,

"left out the window and into the night like nothing happened."

Despite their departure, Lucy was left with more horror when she realized she had forgotten about her baked potatoes in the oven.

The internet couldn't help but poke fun at Lucy's predicament.

Others are too busy laughing to craft their own jokes.

I'm just glad no pigeons and no humans were harmed during this encounter.