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36-Year-Old Ohio Woman Arrested After Repeatedly Calling 911 Because Her Parents Shut Off Her Cell Phone Service

Stark County Jail

In such a digital era, our phones can feel indispensable.

We use them to meet people, to pass time, to check news, to take pictures, and sometimes we even use them to call people.

It's hard to blame someone for treating a phone as a necessity.

Then again, it can sometimes go too far.

Such was the case when a 36 year old Ohio woman called 911 because her parents shut off her phone service.


It's unclear which phone she used to call the police if her own phone wasn't working, but Seloni Khetarpal's multiple 911 dials ended up becoming a police matter in itself. Court documents said Khetarpal became "belligerent," leading authorities to arrest her for disrupting public services.

Watch the coverage from News 5 Cleveland below.

Khetarpal is a licensed realtor and makeup artist. It's yet to be confirmed why her parents shut off her cell phone.

People were confused.

Now might be a warning to reduce your screen time.