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Alaska Cops Let MAGA Fan Off The Hook After She Flashes 'White Privilege Card' Instead Of Driver's License

Alaska Cops Let MAGA Fan Off The Hook After She Flashes 'White Privilege Card' Instead Of Driver's License
Mimi Israelah/Facebook

A California woman has angered many on the internet after gleefully showing the moment a pair of Alaska cops let her off during a traffic stop when she presented a "White Privilege Card" instead of her driver's license.

The card is a piece of Donald Trump-themed merch sold by supporters of the former Republican President.

The woman, Mimi Israelah, had traveled to Anchorage, Alaska from California to attend the former President's rally there last month, accoring to her since-deleted Facebook post about the matter.

Israelah filmed the encounter, in which she and the cops share hearty laughs about the encounter, which is both illegal and a violation of the Anchorage Police Department's policies. See a screen capture of the video below.

In her post, Israelah, who describes herself as being of Filipino descent in her Twitter bio, said she was pulled over for weaving across the road in Anchorage.

She wrote that she couldn't find her driver's license, so she presented the White Privilege Card, emblazoned with the phrase "White Privilege Card Trumps Everything," instead.

The video shows Israelah dressed in full MAGA regalia, asking Anchorage Police Officers Nicholas Bowe and Charles Worland if they like the White Privilege Card, to which one replied, "That's hilarious."

Israelah was let off without a ticket, according to the Anchorage Daily News. The incident is in violation of the Anchorage Police Department's rules, but the Department would not give further details, calling the incident a private matter.

Police union president Sergeant Sean Conklin defended the officers' handling of the situation, telling the Daily News:

“Especially in this circumstance, where you had a very, very low-level minor offense and the officers are really just focused on trying to find DUIs — I’m not at all surprised they didn’t write a citation."
"I don’t know that a lot of officers would have written that citation, if any."

But given the frequency with which people of color are routinely abused and murdered by police during minor traffic stops, many have taken issue with that explanation, including Alaska Black Caucus President Celeste Hodge Growden, who questioned whether it was the White Privilege Card and shared support for Trump that got Israelah out of the traffic stop.

On Twitter, people were disgusted by what they saw in Israelah's video.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave while the police department conducted its investigation, but it is unclear if they faced any repercussions for the incident.