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Members Of Wedding Party Document Their First And Last Drinks In Hilarious Viral TikTok

Members Of Wedding Party Document Their First And Last Drinks In Hilarious Viral TikTok

Weddings have traditionally been thought of as kind of boring, stodgy, formal occasions—or at least that's the prevailing mindset about American weddings.

Elsewhere, weddings tend to be a lot more lively in comparison—something perfectly captured in the Gogol Bordello track 'American Wedding.'

The song opens with the question "Have you ever been to American wedding?" and then proceeds to list all of the reasons American weddings don't feel like a celebration to the band—which is composed of members from around the world and fronted by a lively Ukrainian.

As far as they're concerned, there's nowhere near enough drinking and dancing, nobody really lets loose and the party shuts down rather than lasting 3 days. In essence, the band has been telling us since 2007 that European weddings just hit different.

TikTok user @nievejones_ is here with a video that illustrates the bands point perfectly.


Wedding antics, last one is the best 😂 #ElectrifyTheMini #firstandlastselfiechallenge #wedding #firstdrink

The clip shows people having their first drink of the wedding contrasted with the same guests having their last drink of the wedding. The party was clearly one to remember, but we're not sure any of the guests actually will.

First up in the clip we have the groom, who starts the night looking respectable enough in a blue three piece suit.

Somehow between that first drink and the last, his vest managed to evaporate or something along with his tie (we'll find it later.) His shirt has come untucked, but he seems to come through it pretty decently!

Then there's Holly, who magically acquires a vest and tie through the night, along with a sway, a slur, a case of brain fog and a huge smile.

Simon ends the night in a totally different jacket than he started with, a striped t-shirt that was nowhere to be found earlier, and flare for the dramatic.

Nieve was now the "cheese bridesmaid", Lucas couldn't check back in cause he was busy on the dancefloor twirling his tie over his head, Lewis stopped believing in the spaces between words, and the bride was barely able to stand or speak.

But hey, there's the grooms tie!

Like we said, some weddings just hit different.

The video had people cracking up, but it's not the only one of the night. Sure we talked about the first drink and the last drink, but what about all the stuff in between?

Nieve's got you covered if you're curious.

The second clip shows the bride DJing for a bit, shots on shots on shots, the bride on the dancefloor wearing the grooms tie like a headband a-la Rambo, Holly soaked for some reason, the groom stagediving, and a wedding full of happy, smiling, celebrating people.


For anyone wondering how the rest of the wedding went… #firstandlastselfiechallenge #wedding #firstdrink


This wedding hit different.