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Viral Video Of Some Sassy Girls On The Way To Go Swimming Has Twitter Wanting To Join The Pool Party 😍

@imlyricangel/Instagram, @MsRachelle

People say you can tell if someone is a good parent based on how happy and confident their kids are. We don't know if that's true, but if it is, then someone needs to give Angel Dixon a mom-of-the-century award like RIGHT NOW. Her 5-year-old daughter, Lyric, wanted a slumber party for her birthday. Rather than just do one at home, Angel got with Lyric's grandmother and the women decided Lyric's party deserved the Beyonce treatment.

In other words:

The women got a hotel room in Washington D.C. so that Lyric and her squad could have the most epic slumber party possible. The cherry on top was a pool party. The girls were so jazzed on the idea that they decided to treat the hotel hallways like their own personal catwalk. The girls walked strutted their way down the hall wearing their swimsuits, some tutus, headbands, and shades. Lyric's grandma provided the soundtrack.

They're literally everything Twitter wishes their squad could be.

Feel free to keep this article in your pocket for when you need the mood boost of all this majestic kid-sass. You're welcome.

H/T: Twitter, ABC7NY

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