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Woman Goes Viral For Catching Boyfriend Cheating After Calling Restaurant And Using Genius Trick

Woman Goes Viral For Catching Boyfriend Cheating After Calling Restaurant And Using Genius Trick

A young woman on TikTok snagged the attention of millions on the internet after she engineered some ingenious sleuthing work and told viewers about all of it.

But there was a huge downside. Her detective work exposed the fact her boyfriend was cheating on her.

TikTok user Felicia Burzotta's brief video, which explained the finer details of her scheme, has already racked up over 4.5 million views.

With a crooning Gnarls Barkley track setting the tone, Burzotta did a bit of performative sorrow while viewers read a large block of text on the screen.

"When he said he was going to dinner with the boys but I thought he was lying so I called the restaurant he was at and pretended I was coordinating a surprise party for him."
"I asked the hostess who was there yet...his boys or his sister?'She said his sister :/"

At least Burzotta had the kind words of countless TikTok users to console the pain of her ex's wandering ways.

They commended her wits.


Lena Lee/TikTok



Others pointed to her genius thinking as merely one example of a much broader trend of women's ingenuity.


Victoria Anastasia/TikTok


And plenty of people assured her that, despite what the background music suggested, she did not lose her mind.

Oloa Ta'a/TikTok



And a couple loved to imagine what the hostess thought while they were caught up in the middle of it all.

Micaela Salcedo/TikTok


Burzotta posted a follow up video to vent a bit more about all the warning signs that, in hindsight, were out in the open for quite a while.

@feliciaburzotta Reply to @daljitty I believe it tbh. I should've just left 🤣
♬ original sound - Felicia🦋

Here's hoping she never has to use those detective skills again in the future. As impressive as they are, a faithful boyfriend would be so much easier.