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It Turns Out That Coleslaw Is A Food That People Have Very Strong Feelings About

Haoliang/Getty Images, @A_suhailaa/Twitter

As one of the world's largest social media platforms, Twitter has seen it's share of polarizing debates, but the latest opinion rivalry is one no one could have predicted.

From politics to religion to people's favorite sports teams, Twitter has been ground zero for countless heated disputes.

But recently a new conflict has been brewing, and we might not make it out of this one alive.

Lines are being drawn, sides are being taken, and as the divide grows and tensions continue to rise things are threatening to spill out into an all out blood feud over a topic that nobody saw coming -- coleslaw.

Ok, maybe things aren't that bad, but considering this coleslaw is we are talking about people do seem a lot more passionate about it than one might have expected.

The most visible recent example began with MSNBC host Ari Melber, who came down decidedly in the "no" column when it comes to the subject of coleslaw:

Food debates are nothing new. While some people may swear by mayonnaise, others consider it "the Devil's pudding."

For some, cilantro adds a delightful citrus flavoring to almost anything, but for others, it's a despicable weed that tastes like grass and soap.

And of course there's the age old debate between honest, hardworking, decent human beings and those who put pineapple on pizza.

But who knew that convictions were just as strong when it came to coleslaw? The question is, how deep does this go?

The thread that followed Melber's condemnation illustrated just how deep the divide seems to be.

And just like that the coleslaw wars were on. Melber certainly doesn't stand alone in his low opinion of the slaw.

A simple Twitter search reveals Twitter's dark underground of anti-slaw sentiment.

Though slaw-supporters seem to roll pretty deep as well.

But a closer look suggests the pro-slaw community may not be as united as they look -- disputes about ingredients and the "proper" way to eat it seem ready to divide them from within.

As in any war, there are always those trying to broker peace, but who knows if it's enough to bring an end to these bitter hostilities.

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