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Georgia Lawmaker Lashes Out At 'Haters' After Being Criticized For Crowd-Surfing Over Trump Rally Crowd

Handout/Getty Images

During a recent MAGA rally in Macon, Georgia, State Representative Vernon Jones became the subject of widespread criticism after crowd surfing the unmasked throng of people.

Jones, who was also unmasked, was the latest in a long line of Trump supporters to completely ignore CDC guidelines and contribute to the possible spread of the virus.

On Twitter, Jones refused to apologize for his behavior and lashed out against the "haters."

The internet responded by reminding Jones of Herman Cain, who also felt it was safe to attend a Trump rally without a mask and later died due to the virus.

220,000 Americans have now been killed by the virus, which appears to be peaking once more as Americans move inside during colder weather.

But to Vernon Jones, potential deaths are less important than crowd surfing.

Jones described himself as "an independent thinker and a conservative Democrat who supports faith-based initiatives, tough immigration laws and fiscal responsibility."

He is registered as a "Democrat" despite campaigning for President Donald Trump and twice voting for George W. Bush.

After seeing the photos, many believed it was only a matter of time before cases of the virus were linked to Trump's event.

With a global pandemic taking lives every day, true leaders model responsible behavior and encourage their followers to do the same.