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Boxer In Hot Water After Unexpectedly Kissing Reporter On The Mouth During Interview

Boxer In Hot Water After Unexpectedly Kissing Reporter On The Mouth During Interview
Jenny SuShe/YouTube

There are some professions where kisses are expected, but sports reporting is not one of them.

Unfortunately, women in many male dominated careers are subjected to unwanted advances, groping and kisses.

Recently, Jenny Sushe, a contributor for Vegas Sports Daily, was interviewing Kubrat Pulev, Bulgarian heavyweight champion, about his win.

Pulev, as seen in the following video, grabs her by the chin and plants a kiss on Sushe's lips.

Kubrat Pulev post fight

They both laugh and Sushe muttered:

"Jesus Christ."

While the kiss happened at the end of the interview, the camera was still rolling.

When asked about the interview, Sushe replied:

"(A little) embarrassing. Strange."

But Pulev refused to apologize about the incident.

He did however post a response on Twitter:

Twitter users suggested Sushe wanted the kiss due to "how close" she was standing to Pulev. Others saw nothing wrong with the kiss.

Pulev even claimed Sushe joined him for an after-party to celebrate his win as justification for his actions.

But her employer, Vegas Sports Daily came to Sushe's defense while many employers don't usually put their name on the line to defend their employees.

Vegas Sports Daily issued a statement regarding the incident:

"What happened to Ms. Sushe was completely blindsiding and unwarranted and we share in her shock, hurt, embarrassment and general outrage, We want to make it clear that women should feel safe and comfortable to exercise the duties of their job, free of abuse, advances, harassment, etc in the workplace."

Vegas Sports Daily plans to investigate further.

And Sushe has seen support from some users on Twitter.

Men and women alike stand on both sides of this argument. Pulev received some heat over his entitled actions in his home country of Bulgaria.

Sushe was on the clock when the kiss happened.

No one should have to worry about this sort of thing happening on the job. You wouldn't kiss the barista after receiving your coffee or kiss the shop attendant after they find the shoes or shirt you want.

Sports reporters are not to be seen as sex objects either. They are there to do their jobs.

This stands for all women, and men, in any profession.