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Two Drivers Got Into The Most Epic Stand-Off Over A Parking Spot—And The Whole Thing Was Live-Tweeted For Our Entertainment

Two Drivers Got Into The Most Epic Stand-Off Over A Parking Spot—And The Whole Thing Was Live-Tweeted For Our Entertainment
@Chad77834836/Twitter, @Mrhflrs/Twitter

If you live in a city with a reliable metro system, count your lucky stars that you don't have to get around driving in a car.

Traffic jams are a headache. There's nothing more frustrating than being gridlocked as you're cutting it close to clocking in to work on time.

Actually, there is something worse. Try finding a parking space anywhere. They're hard to come by, apparently.

Twitter user "chicken tikkah mariah, a.k.a. @Mrhflrs had the best seat in the house, or in this case, apartment, as she watched two cars engage in an epic stalemate over a parking spot.

I guess neither of the drivers involved had places to go because they were in a lock-down for a very long time.

@Mrhflrs set the scene for the first tweet in a thread about two cars going nowhere fast.

"Parking in Koreatown, Los Angeles. A thread:"

According to the image, it appears that the silver vehicle is denying the black car in front to back up into a prime slot by parallel parking.

Time stamp is at 6:35 PM.

Both vehicles engaged their emergency lights to alert passing drivers to move it along.

"Still here but now they have turned on their flashes."

"Petty level 600 unblocked."

It seems they created a traffic jam with neither party standing down.

"Passersby are forced to go head to head with oncoming traffic ~ very dangerous situation."

This is a serious grudge match, and another available parking spot will not be a distraction.

"If this were some type of sport I'd imagine we're nearing halftime. sun goes down in less than 30, also a parking spot had opened up across the street but seems like this is more about the principle."

What side are you on?

Now the neighbors are getting peeved with all the honking going on.


My guess is, one of them had to resort to relieving themselves into an empty Big Gulp cup.

"Lots of traffic happening now."


"Sadly I too have been sitting idle for almost an hour."

A quick maneuver made things worse.

"It seems like black car drove past a spot and than did a fast stop and reverse and silver car was like 'absolutely the f**k not' and did a classic box in."

One hour later. ONE HOUR.

The unthinkable just happened.

The parked car in front pulled away.

Now you get a parking spot. You get a parking spot. And you get a doggone parking spot!

Thank you for your service?

"This is why we have phones."

However, it seems nobody has exited their vehicle.

"Like are they afraid of each other or is it just awkward now?" How about both.

Final thought:

"If I'm being honest this is exactly what I wanted to happen. I hope they both think this is funny. Silver car is clearly on their phone."

She asked followers to predict who would leave the spot first. Finally, the person in the silver car turns on the overhead light.

Looks like we have a winner.

Maybe both drivers were hesitant about getting out of their cars for fear of the creeper in the window identifying their faces?

No, she didn't. She did not just leave a note on silver car's windshield that reads:

"Your resilience is inspiring. Thank you for the hour and a half of entertainment. I'll never forget you. I hope you and black car can be friends after this."

It was an equal opportunity notification with a one-sided support.

"I was always on your team, I really thought you would win, but am happy with the way things turned out. Everyone on my Instagram said you deserved the spot. I respect your patience & non-confrontational handling of this very special situation. The public wants to know who you are. We love your work. Email me at"

Followers chimed in on the most epic stunt ever spied on.

Now that the story ran out of gas, can we all turn off or engines and call it a night?

The next time, you stake your spot like a vulture, be on the lookout. You never know who's staring at your every move.