Donald Trump, the king of holding grudges, is still hitting us over the head and maintaining his innocence weeks after vindicating himself from charges of obstruction.

As the countdown to 2020 is clicking, albeit not fast enough, Trump complained online about the drawn-out Russia investigation and managed to misspell another word.

This time, he claimed two years of his presidency were "stollen."

The blunder manifested online when conservative religious leader and Trump ally Jerry Falwell Jr. suggested reparations should be made for the president's lost time.

"I now support reparations — Trump should have 2 yrs added to his 1st term as pay back for time stolen by this corrupt failed coup."

An hour later, Trump retweeted Falwell's tweet and wrote:

"Despite the tremendous success that I have had as President, including perhaps the greatest ECONOMY and most successful first two years of any President in history, they have stollen two years of my (our) Presidency (Collusion Delusion) that we will never be able to get back."

Naturally, the tweet raised eyebrows after Trump tried to say that Dems have stolen two years of his time in the White House.

People were confused by Trump's use of the word "stollen," which is a German fruit and nut bread served during Christmas.

A user provided visual reference to make sure we are all on the same page.

What Trump really meant to say was:

Will the real fruit cake please stand up?

After consistently waging a fake war on Christmas, 45 reminds people of a famous Dr. Seuss character.

The tweet was taken down and is no longer available – a common practice of his Twitter engagement.

The gaffe was added to his growing list of embarrassments on Twitter.

Can we get our two years back?

Let's hit the polls for 2020 and ensure none of us are robbed of another four years with this stale fruit cake in power. We owe it to ourselves.

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