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Trump Slammed For Promoting The Reopening Of His Private Golf Course As U.S. Pandemic Deaths Hit 80,000

As the country continues to suffer from a global pandemic his administration mishandled, President Donald Trump spent Mother's Day promoting the reopening of his private golf course.

The tweet got lost in an unprecedented Mother's Day Twitter tantrum, but can be seen below.

Over 80,000 lives were claimed by the virus, with many health experts stating a premature reopening of American businesses will cause that number to spike.

President Trump has a larger concern, however—people paying him money to play golf.

Many on Twitter thought the President's post emphasized his tendency to act in his own interest before the interests of his constituents.

Most Presidents would never stoop so low as to use the voice of the Presidency to promote a personal business during a bona-fide national emergency.

But Trump took things a step further still.

If you love the pandemic, it's pretty clear who you should vote for this upcoming November.

The President seems to indicate that reopening the economy is more important than people's lives.

Just another normal day of tweets from a very stable genius.

Hopefully businesses around the country will practice a respect for human life the President seems to lack in his Twitter posts.

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